Hello Everyone…

I thought it would be a great time to update all of you on the work going on at the Shelburne Longboat Society. Our first thought was to determine what we had to do to get ready for the upcoming season and with that in mind we started to tackle the boats and getting them ready. Our talented team of volunteers started work on Shelburne 1 and I have attached a few photos to show our progress. I will continue to keep you updated as the work progresses. Cheers….Pat DeMolitor

It’s only when we started to turn the boat over that we gained a real appreciation for how heavy they are….but with tackle blocks suspended to the rafters we were able to get under the boat and lift it from the trailer.

Turning it over involved a number of steps to slowly flip it without any damage.

The next step was to start stripping the paint, using heat guns and scrappers, which took our volunteers several days to complete.

An inspection revealed a couple of planks which have to be replaced…but overall the boat is in good shape…..not bad for over 14 years.

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